Top 3 Best Hot Tub Gazebo

Hot Tub Gazebos are freestanding pavilion structures with either a shingle or cedar shake roof that offer an open view of the surrounding area. A gazebo provides protection from both sun and rain and has a solid planked or brick floor that steps up from the ground. Popular types and unique designs include adding curtains around the structure, integrating the gazebo with your backyard design, and installing decorative lighting in and around your gazebo. An expert tip is to make sure the gazebo is big enough for your needs, and landscaping tips include taking note of morning and evening shadows and sun positions over your hot tub area.

Top 3 Best Hot Tub Gazebos:

1. Kozyard Alexander Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Hot Tub Gazebo


We used the 10×12 Alexander structure to serve as a shelter for our spa. The instructions were straightforward until it came to the roof, which required two people to assemble. It is important to take the time to make sure the frame is correctly squared. Additionally, you should keep the bracing screws loose so that the holes align. It is very well crafted and has an abundance of extra screws. We applied Locktite Blue on each screw for extra strength and OCI cutter caulk to the roof screws to prevent any leakage. The instructions do not state it, however, the curtain walls must be placed into specific corners, which we learned the hard way. We will update this review once the winter season has passed and we can see how it holds up.

About item:

The dark brown aluminum frame is rustproof and very durable, created with a 4.7″x4.7″ triangular stand pole – much more powerful than ordinary designs. The materials used are intended to last a long time, never becoming corroded or distorted. It comes with 6 poles for greater stability and strength, as well as a hard metallic top instead of a standard fabric or polycarbonate material. It also features a highly durable PBV-coated polyester mosquito netting and a removable steel railing on 4 sides, as well as a Double Track System enabling you to add an extra layer of the private sidewall. It consists of two layers of sidewalls (mosquito netting and a 180gsm solid polyester sidewall) and a galvanized steel roof that is strong enough to support heavy snow. To make sure no permit is needed, consult your local government as we are unable to provide building permit documents.


  • Overall: 12′ W x 20′ D x 10′ H
  • Overall Product Weight: 539 lbs
  • Snow capacity: 2500 lbs
  • Wind rate: 40mph
  • Powder Coated Finish, Side Wall (privacy curtain), and mosquito net are included
  • Roof Hanging Weight Capacity: 50 lb with three hooks
  • Roof Material: Galvanized steel

2. PURPLE LEAF 12′ X 12′ Hardtop Hot Tub Gazebo

PURPLE LEAF 12′ X 12′ Hardtop Hot Tub Gazebo review:

The customer service at Purple Leaf is extraordinary. Following the delivery, they contacted us to confirm that everything had been received and that we were content. We purchased the gazebo to cover our patio furniture and hot tub, and it was the ideal size for both. Although it took a bit of time to assemble, the instructions were very clear and straightforward. We highly suggest this product!

About PURPLE LEAF 12′ X 12′ Hardtop Hot Tub Gazebo

This canopy, also known as a gazebo, is designed to provide a sheltered outdoor space. It has features that help protect it from the elements, such as water gutters that collect rainwater and divert it away from the top, and a dual-layer galvanized steel roof that is resistant to weather and can withstand heavy snow loads. The gazebo also has a textured aluminum frame that provides stability and can withstand wind speeds of up to 40 MPH.

The gazebo comes with upgraded yarn-dyed polyester curtains and netting to provide additional shade and privacy. The curtains and netting can be adjusted to different positions using the two rails provided. There are also two hooks on the top of the canopy that can be used to hang lightweight items weighing up to 20 lbs.

Assembly instructions are included with the gazebo, and the manufacturer has standardized and simplified the process. The hardtop roof is guaranteed for 5 years, the aluminum frames are guaranteed for 1 year, and the curtains and netting are guaranteed for 2 years. Please note that furniture is not included with the gazebo, and the package comes in 4 boxes. Additionally, any installation services offered on the order page are provided by a third party.

3. Kozyard Rosana Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo with 2-Layer Sidewalls (10′ x 10′)


The material used is quite thick and the finish looks like it will be able to withstand the elements. I secured the legs using 3” concrete sleeve anchors, which might have been a bit excessive for the purpose. Putting it together doesn’t happen quickly so don’t expect to have it up in a hurry. I took my time and it took me two days of 6-8 hours each. It would have been helpful to have an extra person around to help, as the instructions suggest.

About item:

Kozyard is not responsible for any occurrences that may happen due to the high temperatures beneath the gazebo, which is made of aluminum, a material that has high heat conductivity. The intensity of the sun can increase the temperature of the gazebo quickly, and the exact temperature will depend on the amount of sunlight. Additionally, Kozyard does not take responsibility for any losses that result from a lack of understanding of the dimensions of the gazebo, as the 10*10 measurement is taken from eave edge to eave edge and not from pole to pole. The customer can more information on the specification sheet. Furthermore, the company does not have liability for damage caused by an overload of snow and wind, so customers should refer to the snow capability and wind rating specifications. Additionally, Kozyard is not to blame for losses caused by installation errors, so customers should make sure that the four anchoring stands are firmly secured in the ground. Finally, the company has no liability for the item’s impermeability.

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