7 Cutest Gift Ideas for New Hot Tub Owners

1.Luxury Spa Pillow

The Spa Bath Pillow by Gorilla Grip is the ultimate relaxation device. While other bath pillows slip off during a bath, this one stays on thanks to its seven suction cups that cling to any smooth surface. The Spa Bath Pillow features 2 inches of thick foam padding, assuring a comfortable and relaxing soak. With its airtight, waterproof fabric, this bath pillow stays clean and prevents mildew and mold. As a result, your gift recipient will be thrilled that you have enhanced the comfort and relaxation of their favorite bathtub!

2. Cariloha’s Bamboo Bath Sheet

Cariloha’s Bamboo Bath Sheet is a large towel (101cm x 178cm/40” x 70”) that is perfect for spa-side use! It’s created from bamboo viscose and Turkish combed cotton, which creates the softest towel you’ve ever felt. This towel is plush, moisture-wicking, and mildew-resistant. Despite the fact that bamboo towels are eco-friendly, they’re also wonderful for keeping you warm after a hot bath. The Bamboo Bath Sheet is the ideal towel for staying cozy after a hot bath! Many color choices are available. The towel is blanked with a 600 GSM weave for ultimate plush comfort and breathability. There are no odors or allergens associated with the use of bamboo viscose or Turkish-combed cotton. This towel is made from 42% bamboo viscose and 58% Turkish-combed cotton, which is naturally hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. The OEKO-TEX 100 certification ensures that there are no harmful chemicals present.

3. Spa & Hot Tub Cover

Many individuals do not like taking their hot tub covers on and off because it is a lot of work. Whirlpools can collect leaves or lose heat if the cover is left off, which is a problem. However, there is now an easy solution to this problem. The Puri Tech Hot Tub Cover Lift is a fantastic solution. The cover is simple to take off or put on using this device, and it also preserves the cover in excellent condition. It fits most hot tubs up to 96 inches tall. When the cover lift is activated, its backside becomes a towel rack. In order to reduce wear and tear on the spa cover, you should use a cover lift. The durable black powder-coated aluminum tubing and stainless steel hardware make it unlikely to rust over time. It is simple to use and install. Just place the cover over the full-length center bar and use the padded handle to pull it back over the spa’s back. It includes 3 towel hooks.

4. Solar Pathway Garden Lights

Turn a regular outdoor spa into a magical environment. These solar-powered lights are cut in beautiful patterns. The lumens charge during the day and stay bright for up to eight hours in direct sunlight. Pathway Garden Lights are available in packs of six, are weather-resistant, and provide tranquility like no other. 8 Lumens: The solar-powered garden lights charge during the day (direct sunlight) and turn on automatically at night for up to eight hours when fully charged. The lights provide a nice ambiance in the evening and a pleasant touch. You don’t have to worry about rain or snow with these outdoor solar yard lights. (Winter tips: Keep the solar panel clean to allow the battery to recharge). 6 Pcs Solar Pathway Garden Lights Outdoor Decorative Stakes, Waterproof LED Landscape Lighting for Lawn, Walkway, Patio, Yard (8 Lumens).

5. Hot Tub and Spa Step

These three-foot-wide steps, made of weather-resistant, maintenance-free resin, are easier and safer to get in and out of the hot tub. What’s particularly neat is that there’s a hidden storage compartment built into the two steps! You can see these Spa Steps with Storage on Amazon. The Leisure Accents Confer 36 Inch Deluxe Weather Resistant Patio Deck Long Hot Tub and Spa Step, Redwood/Black is available in black/grey or brown.

6. Hot Tub Side Table with Beer and Wine Cooler

This hot tub accessory turns any soak into a party! With 7.5 gallons of drinks or 40 12-ounce cans fit in the base, you can serve drinks in style at the side of the hot tub. The top pops up 10 inches higher than the base and is perfect for serving drinks. The Hot Tub Side Table with Beer and Wine Cooler is made of weather-resistant rattan and comes in black or espresso. Cleanup is easy thanks to the easy-to-remove drain plug.

7. Waterproof Durable Inflatable Cooler Serving Bar

The Ultimate Guide to How to Buy a Hot Tub lists the alternatives for purchasing your own hot tub. You can save thousands of dollars when buying your own hot tub. This post describes some of the more economical hot tub alternatives. This post describes how you can buy an inflatable serving bar that can hold several bowls, plates, bottles, and cans for indoor and outdoor parties. It is made of non-toxic BPA-free PVC that is thicker than previous models and is durable and reusable. Just drain, deflate, dry, and store it for the next party.

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