Top 5 Best Black Friday Walk-in Tubs Deals 2022

Walk-in tubs are a secure and convenient manner to bathe for persons at risk of falling and those with mobility issues. Walk-in bathtubs are priced from $1,700–$6,000, with installation included. Even though Medicare and private insurance do not cover the cost of walk-in bathtubs, customers may take advantage of the community, local, and government programs to offset the cost. If you’ve fallen in the past, have difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub, or are worried about your safety while bathing, you may want to consider investing in a walk-in bathtub as part of a comprehensive home falls prevention plan. A walk-in bathtub has built-in safety features and a lower step height than traditional bathtubs, which might reduce your risk of falls and injuries in the bathroom.

How I chose the best walk-in tubs on Black Friday?

I have figured out that our readers care about cost, simplicity of use, size, security features, extra features, door swing design, and warranty when purchasing a walk-in tub. We’ve gathered information from independent research and consulted with geriatric care specialists to determine our readers’ needs.

There are so many good deals at the moment. Check out this list of Top 5 Best Black Friday Walk-in Tubs Deals and save some money on your next bathtime purchase.

1. Empava Acrylic Whirlpool Walk-in Tub

Empava’s 53 in. Acrylic Alcove Bathtub with Left Side Door Water Jets is a Whirlpool Walk-in Bathtub with a left side door that provides an exceptional bathing experience. It features a modern design with a left-side door and a drain placement on the left side of the tub, allowing you to bathe in style and comfort at home. Since it is important to choose a bathtub that suits your individual requirements, choosing a bathtub that matches your needs is vital. A grab bar, a low threshold, a textured floor, and a chair-height chair are all included, making this bathtub a perfect choice for those who require assistance with accessibility.

2. Right Drain Walk-in Tub with Air & Whirlpool Jets Hot Tub

Our user-focused design prioritizes comfort. It offers a variety of fun features without compromising ease of use or simple installation. Our responsive support team is available to help you and your loved ones. With our low entrance threshold, our safe reach grab bar, slip-resistant textured flooring, and ADA-compliant seating, MediSpa have made it as simple as possible to enter a bathtub. You can experience a full-body whirlpool and aero therapy powered by our signature Acu-Stream therapeutic massage jets with Acu-Stream therapeutic massage jets. A MediSpa walk-in bathtub is much more than an upgrade in bath quality; it is also an upgrade in the quality of life. We want to help you recapture a sense of independence and make bathing something to look forward to once again.

3. Ella’s Bubbles Air and Hydro Massage Acrylic Walk-In Tub with Heated Seat

Our company provides premium white-gloss finish acrylic, fiberglass, and a stainless-steel framework with adjustable leveling legs that provide the highest quality and durability for our interior and exterior tubs. We stand above the rest because of our craftsmanship and durability. It has a scratch-resistant, nonporous surface that is simple to clean and maintain. A low step-in threshold, a textured slip-resistant floor, and a stainless-steel grab bar work in unison to enhance your safety and allow you to move in and out of the tub quickly and safely. This Mobile Walk-In Tub includes a 19″ wide built-in seat, a textured slip-resistant floor, a stainless-steel grab bar, and a low step-in threshold to enhance your safety. The outer swing door is made of tempered glass with a unique 3-lock latch system and has 2″ drains with overflows and two drain openers with extended handles.

4. Empava Acrylic Alcove Whirlpool Bathtub-Hydromassage Rectangular Jetted Soaking Tub

With a contemporary look, this Whirlpool Bathtub allows you to experience the benefits of an open bathtub. Empava Bathtubs create the highest quality, visually striking bathtubs in the world, offering innovative and durable bathtubs. Our bathtub will relax your body and begin to enjoy a new shower experience. The pump is 1.0 HP. The bathtub is 66.93 in. L x 30.71 in. W x 22.83 in. H and has a 59-gallon water capacity. It has a 100% glossy white surface. The center-back drain placement lets water drain quickly and effectively. There are 11 water jets, four of which are in the lumbar region, three of which are in the body region, and four of which are in the foot region. A showerhead and water jets are included.

5. Empava 53” Walk-in Tub Freestanding Bathtub

Empava’s EMPV-WIT373 Walk-In Bathtubs are specifically designed for active seniors, the elderly, disabled individuals, those with limited mobility, or anyone who desires a safer, healthier, and more comfortable bathing experience. With the latest technology in bathtub crafting and industrial-quality high-grade materials, Empava has created a beautiful bathtub with unequaled performance and precision. For a safe and secure environment, the ADA-compliant features, slip-resistant flooring, and wide-open doors guarantee peace of mind and a worry-free bathing experience. Recover your independence and once again experience the thrill of taking a luxurious full-body bath whenever you wish.

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