The 5 Best Hot Tub Covers on Amazon

Hot tub covers are particularly important to cut down on your electricity bill and the wear and tear on your hot tub. I wear and tear this could mean the pump or the tubing within it but the cover will prevent stress on all the internal parts within the hot tub. Whether you are buying an insulated, aluminum, rolling, or ULTCOVER Waterproof 600D it is important to have at least one.

The insulated is preferred over most for many reasons. Each insulated cover has a rating this rating is called the R-value which is simply the thickness of the hot tub cover. The regular spa cover that most hot tubs come with is usually between 12 and 15 R-Value. Some companies claim to have an excess of 20 R-value but there aren’t any restrictions on what the temperature outside must be while doing these kinds of tests. This type of cover will pay for itself in about six months on the electricity bill alone.

The aluminum hot tub cover is strong and sturdy for a more rugged look. Aluminum covers are helpful for families that have dogs that love to chew on things and/or high-volume snow areas.

Rolling spa covers are an easy and attractive option. This option allows the consumer to match their hot tub or deck with the cover. It is a simple roll-on and roll-off cover and can be set aside for easy storage while enjoying the hot tub.

Tonneau is a tarp-like cover that stretches over the hot tub and attaches at the sides kind of like a bedspread. This cover is lightweight and cheap but at the same time is not the safest option if you have kids or dogs or any other animals. On the plus side, it can be attractive and keeps debris out of the hot tub for a cheap price leaving it nice and clean for use.

It is important to get a hot tub cover from a reliable resource such as Classic Accessories Veranda, AKEfit Square Outdoor Hot Tub Cover, UCEDER Hot Tub Cover, Bonhams Square Hot Tub. All these brands are fairly well known to have reliable and trustworthy hot tub covers.

Hot Tub & Spa Cover Buying Guide

All spa covers nowadays are tapered so the rain, snow, and ice will runoff similar to the roof of your house. You will discover covers ranging in thickness starting at 3 inches in the middle tapered to two inches on the exterior edge, to some 5 inches tapered to 4 inches. The difference in the thickness of the foam isn’t just size but additionally load capacity, and that’s the most important main thickness. The thicker the froth the greater load the cover can withstand. The density of your foam will enviably determine the years and services information your hot tub cover will provide. The higher the density the longer it will require for that cover to be waterlogged. The higher the density of the foam, the low your operational cost will be. For these reasons always go for high-density 1.5lbs. The poly wrap is a moisture barrier around the foam core. Most poly wraps are 2 mil. and therefore are vacuum as well as heat sealed. The first thing to take a look at is the thickness of the poly wrap do not accept anything less than 2 mils and if you are able to upgrade to 4 mils or a double vapor seal, it’s strongly advised to create an investment. The best way is by using a Spa Cover Cap the industry tarp-like cover with an elastic hem that covers your cover and protects the cover throughout the winter months. Floating solar or thermal covers will even protect your spa cover from harmful chemical-filled condensation that will eat away at the underside of the spa cover. It’s an essential accessory to safeguard your tub and the warranty will definitely provide you with peace of mind later should any problem arise.

5. With regards to this article, I will define load bearing because of the ability of spa covers to support excess weight, either from snow, animals, or children. It is quite important to note, hot tub cover warranties are going to be voided with a failure from the core. Typically when this happens to the spa cover, the froth core smashes. Because this cannot happen without excessive load, through the meaning of the warranty this really is abuse and will not be considered a valid warranty claim.

The ultimate selection for selecting a lid to take care of weight is the traditional foam core hot tub covers. The load-bearing abilities of the foam cover are based on the density of the foam utilized in the manufacturing of the cover. Most “hard” covers come standard with 1.0-pound foam. Upgrades are available to 1.5 pounds and a pair of.0-pound foam. of load capacity, before it will break whereas a 4″ x 3″ can withstand 125lbs. of load. And finally, a 5″ x 4″ can withstand a lot of 250lbs. Just like everything, there are tradeoffs the more load capacity the heavier the cover. and is treated with UV and mildew inhibitors which allow for more hours in sunlight and keep mildew from building in your cover. Always look for covers with marine-grade vinyl. Using the new treatments on marine grade vinyl fading is minimal and you can pick the darker colors with discretion in your yard.

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